Another Blow Against True Blue

June 24, 2012

The dongle wars could be coming to an end and the winner is you the gamer!

Lately the scene has seen a lot of work being done and a few releases by a few different developers and dev teams like oct0xor’s work on the PS3usercheat dongle and the E3 teams work with the True Blue dongle. Well now another developer has entered the fray and released a couple of eboots to hold us over as he works away at other titles. You’re probably wondering who this mysterious developer is, Well, we have no idea.  All we know at this point is he/she is Chinese and very talented. Both of the eboots are reported to work with 3.41 and 3.55 CFW so enjoy them regardless of your firmware.

Here is a quote from the original English source:
Just wants to share this with my fellow gamers. Eboot was cracked by an anonymous Chinese hacker on 6-23-2012 and release on a very popular Chinese gamers site. My friends in HK confirmed its working on 3.55 without the TB dongle.

Anonymous Chinese hacker will release more games in the future.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 eBoot(All Regions)
Saint Seiya – Sanctuary Battle BLES01421 eBoot(Japan)


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