Another Cool Gadget From Kickstarter : The MiiPC

March 28, 2013

So here I am again, reporting on some cool little bit of tech from kickstarter (and something else).

The android based PC is designed for kid’s safety and use for parents to see what their kids are up to.

It has an app on mobile platforms where the parents can control what the PC can do as well. 

Here’s the kickstarter video;

The PC features a special version of android to make the PC seem more…. PC like. If you decided not to waste a couple of minutes of your life watching the video unlike me, here’s a picture of it.

It looks quite nice I must say, and reasonably familiar which would be easy to use if my mum decides to get this for me, being an 18 year old and everything.

The MiiPC has features that where you can block certain games/ websites from your child using, which is ideal if there’s some homework to be done, I’m the king of procra….. procrastin….. messing around! Use of this feature is demonstrated on the video above.

The app will be on Android and iOS

The MiiPC has been successfull. Reaching it’s goal within a very short period and still over a month to go! Will it be as successful as the OUYA? Who knows. Android PC’s are always a loved thing anything Android has got a fair bit of love on here, from phones to consoles, PC’s and Mini PC’s 

You can find the MiiPC Kickstarter page here

Among other things I found while browsing kickstarter, I found this awesome little project and thought it deserved more recognition. Being a huge geek/fan of The Walking Dead series (or ‘season’ to you Americans) and after watching the video I found it extremely funny and I have backed it. It is a film animation/ puppet parody of the series known as ‘The Wobbling Dead’   here’s the video;

There’s not long left!

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