Another Dev, Another Update: ThatOtherPerson With UFO Racer

August 23, 2012

ThatOtherPerson is back with a fresh update to his UFO Racer homebrew game. UFO Racer is a racing homebrew where you can race circuits against the AI. If you have already completed all of the available levels, this update will be putting you back on the track as an engineer, then as a racer and an engineer again. The latest update to UFO Racer brings in the long awaited track editor. Just as you would expect, you can design your courses with it and race on them. Other than the track editor, collision detection is improved when interacting with the environment, a title screen has been added and there is now an option to reset the best time.


If you are new to UFO Racer, check out the video of it in action, below:

You can grab the latest version of UFO Racer from the usual hotspots, below.

Download: UFO Racer v3.3 (via PlatonicRobot | via Brewology)

Source: PSX-Scene

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