Another Dongle Falls…

June 15, 2012

Call it a 2 for 1. That’s two dongles in one week. Yes, another dongle falls to the hands of the hackers and developers. Last time, it was the PS3UserCheat dongle by Oct0xor. Who is it this time? With True Blue and Cobra on someone’s hitlist, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s either. Let’s take a look.

Here is little gift to the scene. I have done most work. So you can do little.

If you made a guess for the former, then you’re quite wrong. PS3Hax member Zadow has successfully reversed and uploaded the Cobra USB dongle payloads. This is a huge feat indeed and all that’s left before the end users can take advantage of this, is getting the payloads ported to other devices.

That’s two dongles off the list. The last major one that’s left is True Blue. Let’s see who can get to it first or together…

Cobra USB Payload Files
Cobra USB Update #1

Source:  @zadow via PS3Hax

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