Another PS3 Dongle Clone Surfaces?

July 8, 2012

It appears that even with True Blue no longer manufacturing its current iteration of its PS3 dongle, the clones are still flowing in. A new dongle is making its way to the PS3 scene and it goes by the name of the Infinity USB.

The Matrix team who’s known for their work in the Xbox scene has announced that the upcoming Infinity USB dongle for the PS3 will play games requiring PS3 v3.6+ and have a specialized custom firmware to along with it. It sounds just like the rest of the dongles that are floating around out there. What’s noticeable is that compared to the other dongles, the Infinity USB has 4MB of onboard SPI flash instead of 2MB. The other thing worth making note of is that the compatibility list that was posted was lifted from the site.

No details have been posted on when the Infinity USB dongle is expected to go on sale, where to buy it from nor the pricing.

You can explore the homepage of the Infinity USB and see what you can make out of it for yourself and we will be sure to follow up as any new news or information surfaces so stay tuned.

Source: PSX-Scene | PS3Hax | Lightake

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