Another Step Towards PS2 Classics On the PS3? Developer Flatz Releases His Work!

March 16, 2013

PlayStation 3 developer Flatz has graced the scene by releasing his knowledge of how PS2 classics run on the PS3. In an extensive post made at PS3Hax he also mentions that this release is a parting gift to the scene since he will not have the time to develop for the PlayStation 3 any longer. So lets hope that when time permits we will see the return of Flatz, a great contributor to the PS3 scene.

Ok, guys. Unfortunately I forced to admit that I have no more time to work on PS3 stuff because I’m very busy lately. So I decided to publish all information related to PS2 classics as @JuanNadie did with the NPDRM algorithm one year ago. Firstly I wanted to say that he was the first who started reverse-engineering on this subject and when he left the scene I decided to continue his work to keep it from going to waste. And so I would like to thank @JuanNadie for his amazing contribution to the PS3 scene. Besides that, he gave me some piece of information on the subject.

All PS2 classics runs within the ps2_netemu.self which represents a different kernel for execution these PS2 games but before it started the VSH module loads your individual data for PSN/SEN (such as act.dat and .rif file for your game). It is absolutely the same process as used for usual PSN games and the goal of it is getting the key used for decryption of PS2 content which includes an optional CONFIG file, ISO.BIN.EDAT and ISO.BIN.ENC. The latest one is the actual encrypted disc image of the game. All mentioned files are encrypted with the same key (called klicensee) which is stored in encrypted form inside .rif file for your game and it decrypted with the specified key from key table stored in act.dat. When you get this key you can decrypt ISO.BIN.EDAT and see if it contains a game title (for example, SLUS-20062 for GTA 3). This will mean that key is correct. Since almost all the information regarding EDATs is known (see there and there) I will not going to explain it again.

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Source: PS3Hax via psx-scene

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