Another ThatOtherDev Production: UFO Racer v3.1

June 11, 2012

ThatOtherDev has been on a roll with homebrew releases. It wasn’t too long ago when he released his Cubicle City Shooter homebrew. Today, he’s back with an update to UFO Racer.

The goal of UFO Racer is to race around on a track outflying others as you go. With the new update, the high score is saved each time you complete a lap and you can compare your current lap time with your previous ones, on the fly. Other than that, some cosmetic touch ups have been made. In the near future, ThatOtherDev is looking to add a level editor to the homebrew to add onto the wackiness already being offered.

You can pick up UFO Racer along with the rest of ThatOtherDev’s homebrews from your choosing of PSX-Scene, Brewology or PlatonicRobot.

Download: UFO Racer v3.1 ( via: Brewology | PlatonicRobot )

Source: PSX-Scene

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