Another Update To Everyone’s Favorite Media Server: Universial Media Server 2.6.1 is out.

April 22, 2013

As everything in life one needs to keep on top of things such as application updates. It has become a necessity in the ever growing world of technology. Hardly an hour goes by that one needs to run an update to any devices that he/she owns and in true fashion, following version 2.6.1 of Universal Media Server, comes another extensive update to probably the most used PC to PS3 media streamer. This update addresses mostly audio syncing and increased transcoding speeds. Also worth a mention is the ever going quest to squash every bug the application might hold and an update to FFMPEG.

  • General:
  • Fixed audio sync when muxing DTS via FFmpeg
  • Improved descriptions in GUI
  • Added support for the file:// protocol in WEB.conf
  • Protocols are matched before extensions in WEB.conf
  • Fixed “Can’t assign requested address” bug after update to Java on Mac OS X
  • Added installation instructions to the Linux distribution
  • Fixed incorrect server IP address when starting via UMS.exe or UMS.bat 
  • External Components:
  • Updated FFmpeg for all operating systems, which:
  • Fixes RTMP bugs
  • Improves support for the following codecs/containers: WMV, MPEG, H.264, Matroska, AVI, AAC, AC-3, WMA, MP3, FLV, OGG
  • Improves 60FPS video support
  • Supports more audio channel layouts
  • Improves pthread support
  • Fixes memory leaks
  • Improves subtitle decoding support
  • Adds support for subtitles character encoding conversion
  • Makes duration estimation more reliable
  • Adds support for .ape files
  • Improves memory use when using hardware acceleration
  • Fixes multithreaded MPEG-4 decoding
  • Updated Java Runtime Environment automatic downloader for Windows to 7u21, which:
  • Has lots of security fixes and improvements 


Download: Windows | Linux | OSX


Tags: PS3 Media Server, ps3 media streamer, ums, universal media server

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