Another VHBL port to PS Vita firmware 2.61 brings the number to 4

September 10, 2013

Although Hacking the Vita itself has proven to be very difficult in the past years, controlling at least partially the psp emulator inside it seems to be something the hacking community has now mastered. We announced recently that at least 3 working VHBL implementations exist on Firmware 2.61, and KanadeEngel apparently has a 4th one. Check the video below.

At this point it is difficult to know if all 4 exploits are on different games, but it might very well be the case. In this video shared by The Z, we see KanadeEngel’s VHBL port run a gameboy color Zelda game, through famous emulator Masterboy (a.k.a emumaster). No information yet as to which stores have the exploitable game (although since the author seems to be German, it is a safe assumption that the game is available on the European PSN store), or if a release is planned.

In related news, Japanese developer 173210 announced that Qwikrazor87 was able to help him overcome memory issues on his own exploit, allowing him to run advanced homebrews through VHBL.

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