Apache Overkill is back in the PSN Store

April 16, 2013

In what has now become a ritual or a tradition, call it what you like, Sony has put Apache Overkill back on the PSN, after pulling it from all their stores following the announcement and release of a VHBL port through an exploit in the game.

Hacker TomTomDu80 had released a port of our beloved VHBL to Vita’s firmware 2.06. VHBL is a Homebrew loader that has the benefit of running through a simple usermode exploit on the Vita’s psp emulator, and is relatively simple to port to various game exploits.

Following our announcement of a vulnerability in the psp mini Apache Overkill, Sony had quickly pulled the game from their store. This was soon followed by an update to the Vita firmware, which, among other things, contained a patch against the Apache Overkill exploit, as well as various additional security features. And today, as they’ve done for the previous 8 or so psp games with a buffer overflow vulnerability we announced since last year, Sony have put the game back into their stores.

It goes without saying that if you update to Vita firmware 2.10 or above, getting the game now will not get you anywhere, the point being to have the game and be on firmware 2.06. However techniques exist to buy the game and install it without having to update your Vita, through a Vita and a proxy.

Screenshot below thanks to The Z


Here’s a cool anecdote: there are still dozens of psp games on the PSN store with similar vulnerabilities. Not all of them are suitable for a VHBL port, but some of them definitely are :)

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