Apache Overkill PSP Mini removed from the EU PSN, US is next?

March 25, 2013

As we announced the upcoming release of a VHBL port by TomTomDu80 for Vita 2.06, Sony followed what is now a tradition, and pulled the game from their EU store as soon as they got the information. Many people contacted us about this now, and although I haven’t verified myself, this got confirmed by enough sources that I trust this is true.

As I type this, the game is still available on the US PSN, and that might be your last chance to grab the game before it’s gone, as we expect the US store to remove it as well as soon as office hours start over there. The game was not available in the JP or HK stores.

As a reminder, the upcoming release is “only” VHBL, which will not allow you to run psp isos, but “only” a subset of PSP homebrews. At this point, I do not know if a psp kernel exploit will be released that takes advantage of the Apache OVerkill exploit, but who knows. Historically, when a psp kernel exploit is released, the exploit gets backported to older user mode exploits, and maybe that will happen too, or maybe no new psp kernel exploit will ever be released after the 2.02 CEF/ARK series.

Apache Overkill (PSP Mini), the game used for the Vita 2.06 VHBL hack

Some of our testing showed that compatibility was “not so great” in this VHBL version, but compatibility depends also a lot on what version of the homebrew/emulators we test, and, although our testers found that gPSP was not working great, The Z shows in the video below that gPSP work perfectly fine:

Assuming the US version of the game gets removed today as well, we will be doing our best to release the files when this happens, but please keep in mind that we have a real life to deal with too :)

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