Apple and Nintendo Have Legal Troubles, While the Sony Scene Keeps On Getting Better. Here’s One Hacker’s Opinion!

March 18, 2013

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 The New multiMAN Goes Discless

In a lot of ways, through my extensive coverage of the PS3 scene, sometimes it seems like half of my entire job consists of talking about miltiMAN. Still, as far as I’m concerned I find this to be pretty good news. If there’s one thing that we can all tell about deank’s work as the man behind all of this magic, it’s that he’s completely devoted to his product. So devoted in fact that the name has never really left our minds once over the past two years.


In that sense then, we do see a lot of changes happening to this backup manager all the time. Regardless of that however, the ability to play many of our games without the need for a disc drive is a complete and total plus. After all, many of us have suffered the cruel and unfortunate fate of having to repair our disc drives, but with just a little bit more elbow grease that may not need to be quite as necessary. When you’ve moved on to discless backups, the hacks you’ve got just feel so much more complete because you no longer have this disc bin your drive basically doing nothing. Even if your drive works now, the less you use it the more functional it will be when you need it. That being said, as discless mode continues to develop even further it could just become one of the most essential functions of the scene.

However, multiMAN wasn’t the only PS3 scene stunner this week. We also saw the release of a brand new DEX firmware. Check it out on the next page!

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