Arch CFW CEX 4.41 v2.0-Final

July 7, 2013

arachetous has released the final v2.0 update for ARCH CFW. This latest update has better support for more game-backups and fixes a major black screen bug.

CFW 4.41 CEX ARCH v2.00 [FINAL] [No Spoof] & [BDEMU] & [Compatible ReactPSN v2.26] & [Remove Cinavia DRM]

This CFW is created on the basis of the official 4.41 so not spoof (4.46 spoof but is available for those who want to connect to PSN at your own risk as regards the ban by Sony).

This CFW does not install on a ps3 console official firmware above 3.55! –

Add update v2.00 [Final]

Adding CAxx.cer Version 4.46 files (improves compatibility for playing backups of games).

Fixed black screen when launching games or PSP Minis Remater Various modifications of the XMB via the BCR or XML files.

Known bug (this bug does not appear on all consoles, only some models can meet) when the console is switched on using the PS button on the controller, the controller is not recognized. In this case, it must then hold the PS button on the controller to off flashing red lights, then again press the PS button to connect the joystick. The controller will be connected without using the USB cable.

Note: This bug can be corrected via our “Homebrew ARCH RCx” without reinstalling the CFW course provided to find where it came from.

– You see the CFW in action in this video with the use of Homebrew ARCH Updater RC5 which offers the 4.46 spoof and various significant options:


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