Are Games Becoming Less Popular?

May 27, 2012

Games are spoken about constantly and are always hyped up. Take the recent news about Halo 4 for example; it’s become one of the top talking points of the week…yet according to statistics, video games are becoming less popular. Why is that?That’s right! According to recent statistics that have been gathered, consumers spent 42% less on video games this April than they did during the same time period last year. Obviously this could be down to several factors; perhaps the selection of games has been poor recently, or maybe its just coincidence. Yet April gave us Prototype 2, which was exceptionally popular and received the top sales award for the month. Are video games really dropping in sales as a result of popularity? Here’s me thinking games are just getting more and more popular, yet statistics tell me otherwise…however I do find this hard to believe, not the statistic…the situation itself. What do you guys think? My YouTube Channel – Check it! My Twitter – Check it! My Dashhacks Articles – Check em! Let me know your thoughts.

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