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April 15, 2013

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Dark Souls and Game Difficulty: Are Games Easier Now?

In the original post our talented writer known as UnahamedVandal prompted quite a stirring discussion about games through his mention of the upcoming entry to the Dark Souls series. While the franchise and its related properties certainly have their own cult-like following to answer to, there’s no denying that most of the casual sector has yet to approach these games simply out of an inaccessible story alongside some extraordinarily difficult gameplay. As the source story claims, the upcoming release is supposed to be a bit easier than the first, but is that necessarily a good thing?

Ghouls and Goblins

As a lot of the commenters stated, games back in the classic days were in general far more difficult than they are now. As traumatizing and strange as Dark Souls might be, I uphold the fact that titles like Ghouls and Goblins would run circles around it in terms of difficulty. However, in my opinion there is a distinct difference between games of the 1980s versus today, and that’s a matter of their scope. Back in the older eras, developers simply couldn’t make hugely expansive games that had nearly a hundred hours of gameplay to their name, so instead they made the most out of the few they could give you by making you struggle through it. Since then, the industry climate has changed because gamers are still able to get their money’s worth without having to bang their head against the wall.

I certainly think difficult series like Ninja Gaiden and Dark souls are a welcome change for those that desire it, but I wouldn’t say today’s generation has necessarily gone soft. They’re still investing lots of time in single player efforts, and plenty more titles offer the ramped up challenge of multiplayer if you desire it. Given these industry changes, I personally would rather see deeper games get easier rather than struggling at level one. However I know there are others out there who will disagree.

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