Are You Having Problems With Official PS3 Firmware 4.25 ?

September 17, 2012

Joystick_Warrior a member of Staff on the official US PlayStation forums has reported of problems with Sony’s latest firmware release, here is what he states in his post:

Hey everyone. We’ve been noticing quite a bit of feedback from people having issues with the new 4.25 update. We wanted to collect some data from everyone so we can better understand the issues that have come up. If you can go ahead and post this info it would be very helpful for us:

  • Your PS3 Model, Hard drive size (phat/slim, GB size, default/custom HDD)
  • Internet connection (wired/wireless)
  • Did you update to 4.25 from version 4.20 or 4.21 (4.21 was an optional update that was not required)

If you guys have any other info you want to give, please do as any details could help us out in narrowing down the problems. Thanks everyone!

Various members responded and here are some of there posts:


i have the slim,just 160,default. was fine until 4.25 update. im now falling through map floors and going through doorways 3 or 4 times . ive tryed wired and wireless same same. i have a 30 mb internet connection ive had my cable company here to make sure it was not an internet issue.definatly the 4.25 update. i did a reformat last night no change.i play bf3 u see . nice for the exX2 event this weekend. maybe we could just go back to the older version until the problem is fixed.


I have a 120GB slim. Wireless internet, and I had whatever the newest firmware before this update was. My PS3 is hard shutting off on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and I don’t know if this new firmware is to blame. I got a flashing red light when this happened that stopped blinking after I hit the power button. I was able to eject the disc. Scared to play my system right now.


I have the 60gb big PS3 and I was playing fine until I downloaded the new firmware and than when it was done installing and my ps3 restarted I cant get the tv to recognize the ps3 now and my controller dont work on it. The new update broke my ps3 i think.


Hey.    I too am being negatively affected by the 4.25 update. My PS3′s connection to the Playstation Network has failed to operate correctly, entirely since the update despite my internet connection itself being fine and working as always.

  • Slim Model. 160GB – Default Drive
  • Wireless Internet Connection.  ( NOTE: As said in previous posts I have made regarding this issue. My connection was fine until the 4.25 Update. )
  • Updated from 4.20

This update has entirely destroyed my PS3′s Connection to PSN. All games are unplayable online since the update, logging in is far more difficult than it ever has been.

Please fix this issue.


PS3 80 gig

wireless: downloads up to 70 mb and uploads up to 35mb

had latest update before updating last night

now TV won’t recognize my PS3 is connected; tried various ways to correct this; not a cable thing, it’s an update thing


I have a Slim 320G.  I updated from 4.21.  I use WiFi.

After the update the system rebooted.  The XMB appeared but everything was going slowly.  Then my controllers were not working.  I could not power off the system by holding the power button and had to unplug the power cord.  After that it worked well.

Now those are only some of the qoutes on the first page, there are 9+ pages of replies

Source US PlayStation Blog ( Go there if you are having problems and report them)

Via PlayStation Universe

Are any of our PS3HaX members having any issues ?

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