Are You Ready To Charm The Snake? No Cobra. No Problem.

April 20, 2012

Just in case you don’t know what the cobra dongle is, it is a device that you can plug into your custom firmware PS3 and run a backup PS2 or PSX game in your PS3 or even an ISO copy.  Sounds good right?  But you need to buy the dongle to get the features… until now. The DeonHades team is showing off its latest bit of software called Dynarec, a Swiss army knife of an emulator that will even let ou run PSX ISOs on your PS3. The down side is that its been released for their custom firmware JFW DH 3.56 MA only so far but we can hope to see a port so everyone can enjoy this awesome app. Have a read of there official release statement below.

Hello friends, today i present you Dynarec a powerful tool for devs exclusive for ours JFW.

Dynarec is a port of MA the old and powerful patch system in LV2 done by Aerialx (Creator of PS1LIGHT) in 2010, since so many people ignore the fact that not all the old info is useless.
Kammy in 3.41 patched lv2 to execute a recomp dynamic code (knowed by many devs as Dynarecs).

In 3.41 even was contemplated the creation of a dreamcast emulator but this was stepback hence this type of things limited so many devs, but in the case of Kammy we had the possibilty to debug and easy recieve Printfs by net with socat. Having a plus of executing too JIT code.

This video shows how MA356 supports the new and renewed system of Dynarec. (Kammy in 3.41) i gave my thanks to Aerialx for this and regarding other devs you can see with your own eyes (robo hobo and others) you know that when you null the NX protection BIT in LV2 was a great advance never done in superiors FW to 3.50 and now it’s possible in MA.

That’s why the devs left aside developments when users passed to 3.5x.

In MA we get again this system giving us more power and possibilities to port more powerful emulators like = N64,dreamcast,NDS, etc.

As you can see in Emulator configuration we left the option *INTERPRETER* off in order to use Dynarec. As you may remember in 3.55 only you can run it but slow with interpreter mode on and bios hle bios emulated. Now any bios can be used with Dynamic recompiler.

I have to say that this new system will have Thegrid as a dynamic patch. Because of this you don’t have to execute anything. Only the Emu.
TheGrid will come with SP1.3 integrated (soon to be published).

Now some other news, i have to announce that me (Blackdeath)
I am making progress with a job regarding PS3SX which i updated using the source of Anonymous when he published in 2011 fixing some new bugs and optimizing Dynarec.
If i have time enough i will improve it as N64, the only thing left to say to all the devs that we do what we like most that you are invited if you want to join contributing with this development platform that is 3.56MA.

As you know in PS3SX some shaders and filter are missing and for the moment we are at full speed using PE OPS (software) if we had the hardware plugin to obtain better quality like HD mode in 360 will be awesome to have that with the help of other devs that will like to help me to port this to PS3.

A pleasure, Blackdeath.


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