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February 28, 2013

ARK eCFW was released 1 month ago and has been the eCFW of choice for many of you. Sadly, updates are sparse and lots of questions remain unanswered. People contact us regularly about ARK with questions that actually have simple answers. Here is a quick reminder of what ARK can do for you. Below is the FAQ from Coldbird’s blog. Important reminder: ARK is currently not available for Vita OFW 2.05

What is Ark?

Ark is a PSP Emulator CFW for PS Vita.
It enables you to take full control of the PSP Emulator inside your Vita, allowing you to play back ISO, CSO and PBP files without the limitations put in place by the PSN.
What are the most obvious benefits?

play games that never made it to the PSN store like…
umd titles
psx games
homebrews / emulators
foreign games
play decrypted dlc
speed up file access (and lessen the game loading times by up to 70%)
use plugins (for example – create game screenshots using prxshot or cheat in games using tempar)
copy data without cma (using homebrews like Coldbird’s FTP Server)
and much more…

Is my Vita supported?

At the moment, the public version of Ark supports the following games (and firmwares):
2.0 ~ 2.02
There are however a lot more games and firmwares supported in internal work-in-progress revisions.

How do I return to the Launcher when I’m inside a game / homebrew?

Press Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button + Start Button + Down Button at the same time!

How do I transfer files into my PSP Emulator?

Smuggle them into the Emulator by adding them to a PSP Savedata Folder and using CMA to transfer it.
Install Coldbird’s FTP Server and use a FTP Client like Filezilla to transfer files wirelessly.

How do I add / enable PRX plugins?

Copy the required PRX files into your PSP Emulator.
Create a plugins.txt file in your Ark Savedata Folder.
Add one (or more) lines for your plugin to plugins.txt; examples below:

What are those VBOOT.PBP files?

Inside the PSP Emulator EBOOT.PBP files are read-only. To make writing Homebrew files as easy as possible we had to rename them to a file name that wasn’t locked down by Sony.

So, whatever was named EBOOT.PBP on PSP, becomes VBOOT.PBP on Vita.


You can download ARK here

Source: Coldbird’s Blog

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