ASTOOLSPS3: A GUI For Making 3.60 EBOOTs

August 8, 2012

Now that we have the 3.60 decryption keys at our disposal, there’s a lot of interesting things that can be done with them.  Check out ASTOOLSPS3 version 3.0.

Somehow this slipped through the cracks so we wanted to provide the update for you.

For the end user however, the most important thing that these keys can do is give us access to all kinds of new games. Still for some, using current methods can be a little bit daunting and difficult to figure out. If you fall into this category, newcomers AS-Team have a pretty solid solution for you.

While little is known about this new supposedly Iranian development unit, what we can tell you is that they have released a new piece of software called the “do it all tool package” which looks to be a pretty solid GUI for those of you looking for a simpler way of ripping your games and converting them correctly. This particular version has been updated to 3.0 and includes a host of new features including but not limited to, the ability to switch from CEX to DEX, and a lot of performance improvements. For those of you that want to break the game conversion process down to a few simple button presses, ASTOOLSPS3 has given you a pretty nice way to do it.

The full changelog includes:
Fixing and editing feature for DEX
Switching CEX to DEX feature included
dumping 256 files to 48 feature
new & nice Style
better Appearance
Fixing and editing feature for DEX
Support for plugins
Support persian srt files
Switching CEX to DEX feature included
Dumping 256 files to 48 feature
Fixed bug in making PKG files
Fixed bug in game riping part
Fixed bug in allinone part
Added shut down after converting feature
Uses less ram and cpu

Source and Download

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