ASToolsPS3 Gets An Update

September 19, 2012

ASToolsPS3 has become an essential part of the scene for good reason. With so many uses at its disposal it’s hard not to like the basic idea behind this program. Now however, thanks to this update even more people are going to be able to reap the benefits that ASTools has to offer. With the addition of the Arabic language option included in the GUI this little treasure has opened up to a totally new part of the world. However, the development team does urge that the translation may not be perfect, so if you have some knowledge of the tongue you may want to go help them out.

However languages aren’t the only feature added here. Also included is a more effective way to format your HDD, a search feature, and an added update alarm. If you’re looking to get a deeper look inside your EBOOT or SELF files you’ll be able to do that as well thanks to the inclusion of a built in editor as well. Finally there are a host of long-plagued bug fixes including problems with the programs startup, CEX to DEX, and overall software security. More or less this is a pretty full featured update that definitely deserves you attention if you’re tired of using several different tools to complete the same task. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


Tags: astoolsps3, cex to dex, PS3 Hacks, PS3 Homebrew

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