Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay a 10 minute video walktrough

October 24, 2013

PS Vita Screen Of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate by Armature

PS Vita Screen Of Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate by Armature

A lucky few in Europe already had a chance to buy Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate from the PlayStation Network Store early. The rest of PS Vita audience has to wait until the game is released on October 25th. Developer Armature Studios shared new footage of gameplay for the Metroidvania style Batman Arkham Origins game.

Yesterday when I used my smartphone to browse through the new PlayStation Network Webstore, I had the option to buy the Vita version of Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate. Mind you I did not buy the game yet, because I first want to play the new PS3 Batman which releases on the same day.


Set after the events of the PlayStation 3 game, Batman Arkham Origins but before the highly popular Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum.  The story sees Batman investigating riots inside of the Blackgate prison facility.


What can you expect from this 2.5D Batman on a handheld? The (PS Vita) footage which can be seen in the video below, tells us that the game is in the style of Metroid; offering a large emphasis on exploration, finding upgrades for your equipment and Batman outfit, backtracking and boss battles. It also shows off detective mode and some of the tactics Batman can use to dispose of his enemies.


The PS Vita touch and accelerometer features are put to work, the latter in some sort of puzzle solving hack sequence which somehow reminded me of hacking in Bionic Commando.

Ultimately I am curious to see how this works out; normally I am not a fan of how most Vita games use the touchscreen mechanics. However the recent Killzone Mercenaries managed to deliver on a surprisingly good implementation on touch controls so let’s hope Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate also does.

Batman Arkham Origins will be available on both PS Vita and 3DS, which version will you buy? Like or hate reading my articles address me on twitter @italkgame or voice your thoughts in the comments below. But whatever you do, DO NOT like this on Facebook or Google plus

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