BDEmu Switcher Now Available on Mac

October 14, 2012

If you’re looking to play some of your favorite game titles on your development system, you have usually needed some kind of disc drive emulator to help you along with the process so that your console could boot the title you want. However, if you’re an Apple fan, in most cases you were either stuck having to launch a build of Windows on your machine, or just ignoring the scene altogether. Still, with this release it seems like the tides have turned with this new and simple to use program that does its service by allowing OSX users the ability to switch the default position of titles that account for emulated drives.

That being said, the developer does leave users a few notes considering this is the first release of the program. For one, if you are on Mac OSX version 10.8, you’re going to have to launch the program as root because Apple has taken precautions to block raw HDD access in that particular version. If you are however running something a little older, you can just disregard this message and get straight to Mac-based disc switching. Essentially all the program requires is that you locate your HDD in disc utility and pop the titles in that you would like to use. If for some reason the game does not show up with its full namesake, you can track your titles using the game ID instead. It’s a pretty basic release, but at least it’s a sign of good things for all you Mac devs!


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