Best PSP/Vita homebrews for November 2013

November 6, 2013

If you’re one of the lucky people running an eCFW such as TN CEF, or ARK, or maybe VHBL on your Vita, or simply if you own a PSP running a Custom Firmware and are looking for good homebrew games, look no further. Here is our ranking of the best 10 homebrews this month, as voted by you.

Reminder: you can add your own homebrews to our /downloads Database, and vote for your favorite ones. This doesn’t require any login.

One of the surprises of this month is a tool designed for PS2 owners, as well as the comeback of some long forgotten tools

10. yMenu

yMenu is one of the many menus for VHBL. It is efficient and pretty sexy. It was recently updated to work on VHBL, TotalNoob’s CEF TN, and on “regular” CFW psps too

Download yMenu here

9. Vita pr0xy

SKFU’s proxy is an alterative to the famous Charles proxy, designed with Sony’s PSN in mind. It’ll let you trick your Vitain many ways, useful for example in combination with CMA if you do not want to update. It is also known that SKFU uses this in conjunction with other network tools to probe the Playstation Network.

Network tools could be a way of finding mistakes such as the recently discovered Brazil PS+ mistake

Download Vita pr0xy here

8. CEF 6.60 TN (Vita only)

Many Vita owners have been enjoying homebrews in the psp emulator for a while now, since the first release of VHBL more than a year ago. But Total_Noob’s CEF stepped the game up by introducing full psp homebrew support, plugins and backup supports on the Vita. This is still limited to the lucky people who are able to get the exploitable games in time, but CEF is the most popular eCustom Firmware for the Vita even today

Download TN CEF here

7. Lamecraft

Lamecraft never leaves our top 10 for very long, it was the surprise homebrew of the Genesis competition we organized in 2011, and remains one of the best psp homebrews there is. And, until Minecraft finally gets its port, it is the closest you’ll get to play Minecraft on your PS Vita (or your psp, for that matter).

Download lamecraft here

6. Naruto ultimate ninja battle

A Beat them up set in the Naruto universe.

Download Naruto Ultimate Ninja battle here

5. PSP Revolution

You’ll never truly understand life until you’ve played Dance Dance Revolution… PSP Revolution will of course not give you the same physical experience, but is still a nice challenge for your fingers. Still one of the best musical games on the PSP to date, and it’s a homebrew :)

Download PSP Revolution here

4. (PS2) FMCB

Yes, the PS2 is back from the dead. Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) is a homebrew software which is designed to setup your PlayStation 2 console and provide you with a means of launching homebrew software, without the need for any extra hardware, modifications to your console or dangerous tricks like the legendary swap trick.

Download FMCB Here

3.PSVita homebrew Preparer

A simple tool to make your PSP homebrews Vita ready (for use in either VHBL or CEF TN-V). Alternatively, you can also check Smoke’s massive list of vita-ready Homebrews here

Download PSVita Homebrew Preparer here

2. Half-Byte Loader

Although Half Byte loader is not really useful today anymore (and not to be confused with its little brother, Vita Half Byte Loader, which *is* still massively used) because all PSPs can run a custom firmware, I’ll take this vote as a “thank you” from the community for all the versions of Half Byte Loader, VHBL included

Download HBL here

1. 6.60 ME

This alternate PSP CFW from developer neur0n is sometimes considered as the best CFW out there for the PSP, even though it has always been in the shadow of the more popular Pro CFW.

Download 6.60 ME here

Keep voting and adding your homebrews to our community database! I review and approve them regularly, no login is required!

Note: Some of you might have noticed that the title says “November”, when clearly the votes were cast in October. I decided to change the convention here, to say “those are the homebrews you should test in November”, rather than “those are the homebrews you liked in October”.

Also, those of you who are into Android and movies might also want to know that my XBMC patch for external players support in Android got great ratings this month. I didn’t include it in this ranking because it’s really not related to consoles at all. But if you want to check it out, you can download my XBMC with External player support fix for Android here

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