Best PSP/Vita/PS3 Downloads for May 2013

June 3, 2013

Below are the Homebrews that got the best ratings last month in our community Database. Remember, you can vote for your favorites homebrews by simply rating them in a simple click, or add your own homebrew. No registration is required. Go to /Downloads for more details!

This month’s ratings are mostly veterans of our top10 but there are a few new entries and surprises. If you do not see your favorite homebrew in there, maybe it’s not in our database yet, feel free to add it!

10. PSP Revolution

The famous Dance Dance Revolution clone for the PSP, compatible with the Vita (as long as you run CEF or ARK). Reminder, you’re supposed to dance with your fingers on this one. Stomping your console with your feet will not help!

Download PSP revolution here

9. Multi-Menu loader

A Loader for the Vita that lets you choose between several menus when you run CEF or ARK. Perfect when you can’t choose which of the many menus you prefer.

Download MultiMenu Loader here

8. CWCheat

This one probably needs no introduction… the most popular plugin to cheat in PSP games, compatible with PSPs running a Custom Firmware, or with PS Vita running CEF or ARK.

Download CWCheat here

7. Pro CFW

The most popular Custom Firmware for the PSP. Open source, and runs on the latest PSP 6.60 firmware. From the same core team that brought you ARK for the Vita!

Download Pro CFW here

6. Vita pr0xy

Skfu’s proxy is not “yet another proxy”. It includes a bunch of utilities dedicated to the Vita and the PSN in particular. If you are not ready to pay for a license for popular tool Charles, SKFU’s Vita pr0xy might be what you want.

Download Vita pr0xy here

5. Daedalus X64

The Famous N64 emulator for PSP (runs on the Vita as well if you have VHBL, CEF, or ARK) keeps getting improved on a daily basis.

Download DaedalusX64 here

4. Lamecraft

This extremely popular clone of Minecraft was the winner of the PSP Genesis competition two years ago. Although its creator drakon hasn’t provided any official update in a while, the game is still extremely popular and has a strong modding community

Download Lamecraft here

3. 6.60 ME

Neur0n’s Custom Firmware for the PSP, a really great alternative to Pro CFW

Download 6.60 ME here

2. PSVid

A simple and easy app to convert videos to PS brand consoles including the PS2, PSP, PS3 and PSVITA. (Note: This is a PC tool)

Download PSVid here

1. PS3 Proxy

CF3B5′s PS3 Proxy Server GUI for Windows. Install PlayStation Store online games and demos via your PC!

Download PS3 Proxy here

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