[BETA] Eleganz for COBRA ODE

September 23, 2013

Hi everyone,

A while ago I’ve promised I’d port Eleganz to Cobra ODE if it ever gets released. I finally got time to take care of that, and I think it would be great if it worked as I think Eleganz has a lot of potential but noone is using it apparently.

So anyways, I’ve ported it to work with COBRA using that manager library they released, but since I don’t have an ODE and don’t plan to, I have to depend on you guys to test it for me.. and I suppose there are people here who have the ODE and are willing to test it.

You can download the eleganz.iso from this URL https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/…64/eleganz.iso and replace your manager with it.

Could you please test it and let me know if it works or if it has any bugs (like not showing the list of games or not selecting them properly). I’ve tested this a bit on my DEX system so I think it should at least run without problems but I don’t know about the integration with cobra.

I’ve also included in the iso comgenie’s file manager and showtime and it should be able to run them without problems, but I’m not sure if it will work from dev_bdvd. As they are bundled with Eleganz, they shouldn’t require a reboot or anything. You can extract the iso and add any other homebrew you’d like in the /dev_bdvd/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/HOMEBREW/ then recreate the iso and it will appear in Eleganz and should be able to run it.

Oh, something else I’d like you to test. While testing Eleganz, I’ve noticed that I had a bug when you quit the application, and it caused the PS3 to reboot, I thought that it might be used to cause the ode to load your game selection without having to do the reboot manually, so after I fixed the crash, I’ve added a bug on purpose to make the application crash, forcing the PS3 to pseudo-reboot. If you chose the “Quit” option from Eleganz’s menu, it will quit normally, but if you choose the “Quit game” option from the in-game XMB, it will crash and reboot. Assuming that the cobra integration works, can you please also test doing that. Select a game then select the quit game option from the in-game XMB and see if it does load the game or if it still shows Eleganz in the XMB.
Let me know about your results and if you found any bugs so I can get them fixed before official release.


If anyone has a suitable ODE please test this out and report back to confirm and help Kakaroto.

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