(BETA) Release: TN-V & TN-C for Apache Overkill 2.02 and below

May 10, 2013

Total_Noob’s popular TN-V and TN-C have been ported to the recent Apache Overkill exploit. This is for those of you who happen to have Apache Overkill on 2.02 and below only.

Let me start this article off by saying this so that there will be no confusion; THIS IS NOT A KERNEL EXPLOIT RELEASE FOR ABOVE 2.02.  This is a port of the (WLAN) PSPemu kernel exploit that was released on firmware 2.02 with UNO to be able to be used with the recent Apache Overkill exploit if and only if on 2.02 or below. This release includes ports of Total_Noob’s TN-V and TN-C Custom Emulator Firmwares for your enjoyment thanks to user wistine.

All released kernel exploits were patched past 2.02. So if you have Apache Overkill on OFW 2.05-2.06 you will only be able to use VHBL thus meaning no TN-V or C because it requires a kernel exploit (VHBL is only usermode). Remember that the entire Apache Overkill exploit was blocked on 2.10.

If you haven’t already checked out my massive Lower PsVita for Dummies guide, you may want to check that out. It will explain everything from tricks and tips to workarounds. In the guide I explain how you can still get a game exploit while having a PSvita on a lower firmware and if needed activate/link your PSVita so you can make use of this release or any past exploit releases. Make sure to check the chart to see which games are back on PSN and whether they are kernel exploits or usermode only.

Now, while I haven’t been able to test it out since Im personally on 2.12 everything seems to be in order. Furthermore, the only reason this is labeled as a beta is that there may be some unforeseen bugs, but there shouldn’t be. Feel free to download it below, try it out yourself and report your findings in the comments below. Included in the release are saves for EU and US only, which that can change later. On a side note do not forget to press on the R button when the exploit starts for TN-V.

TN-V and TN-C for Apache Overkill [w/source]: Download

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