Better emulation for the PS3 with DynarecPS3

March 3, 2013

Here is some good news for those who love to play emulated games on their PS3.  Spanish Developer IngPereira has been working hard to enable the dynarec on the 4.21 CEX/DEX CFWs.  What does this do? It lets emulators run much better on your PS3. N64 has now much more possibilities then ever before. Also the DosBox seems to have improved a lot.

This tool make it possible to run JIT code on GameOS PS3 by loading patches to lv2, using peek | poke lv2 calls based in some codes from libkammy stuff on 3.41.  Right now it works on cfw 4.21 DEX or CEX.  Hopefully it will be ported to other CFW.

There is already a first commit download for the 4.21 CFW. If you want it you can download below. We hope that this great news will be better news soon, as we wait to see DynarecPS3 improve. Kudos to IngPereira.

Source: PSX-Sense, IngPereira’s Github

Download: DynarecPS3 Support, first commit. CFW 421 CEX | DEX

Tags: dynarec, Emulator, gamoos

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