Beyond: Two Souls Gets Some Awesome Footage

June 6, 2012

It was only yesterday that I was talking about Beyond: Two Souls, well now the discussion continues and this time with some pretty lengthy E3 footage… For those of you that don’t know yet, Beyond: Two Souls is Quantic Dream’s next big video game hit and it features quirky Juno star Ellen Page. The game looks to be pretty similar to the memorable Heavy Rain; the biggest factor that separates the two is the new super natural theme that surrounds Beyond: Two Souls. Well you won’t be able to divulge much more information from what I’m telling you unless you read my previous article, yet the 25 minutes of footage that you can watch by clicking the link below will give you a great insight into the game. 25 Minute E3 Footage Source: Techmantis My YouTube Channel – Watch! My Twitter – Follow! My Dashhacks Articles – Read! Let me know your thoughts.

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