Sony have announced that Beyond: Two Souls will be released for the PlayStation 3 on October 8th.

Beyond: Two Souls is created by Quantic Dreams (the team behind Heavy Rain) which is headed by David Cage. The announcement comes also stating that Willem Dafoe will also be joining the cast of the game.

He will star alongside lead actress in the game, Ellen Page. She will play the lead role of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who possesses supernatural powers through her link to an invisible entity. Ellen is supported by Willem Dafoe who plays Nathan Dawkins, an enigmatic scientist working for a government division studying paranormal activities. Dawkins’ professional curiosity in Jodie, driven by personal tragedy, is a central theme in BEYOND: Two Souls, and provides a rich and evocative narrative that only Dafoe’s subtleties of performance could fully realise.

Writer and Director David Cage of BEYOND: Two Souls, stated:

“Ellen and Willem were casted for their immense talent and they bring with them the same passion and dedication you would see in the movies they star in. Never before have I seen this caliber of acting performance in a video game.”

A gameplay trailer and intreview showcasing Dafoe’s involvement can be seen below. Are you excited about Quantic Dream’s next title? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image