Beyond Won’t Be Launching On May 25, 2013…Or Will It?:

November 30, 2012

Personally, I’m not sure it’s that close, but who knows?

Ever since Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls exploded onto the scene, everyone has been wondering: When? When will be able to play the next emotional opus from the Heavy Rain developer?

Initially, the story broke on IGN that Sony had given Beyond an official release date of May 25, 2013, as it was seen on the game’s PlayStation listing. However, Sony responded by saying the date was a mistake and the date has reverted to just “2013.” That means we won’t be seeing this hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive at the end of May, as many had hoped after first reading that bit of news.

…but is that really true? Maybe it was an accidental slip and May 25 is indeed the intended date but for whatever reason, they’re not prepared to announce it just yet. It does seem a tad early based on what we know so far but then again, maybe not… What do you think?

[Source] = PSXextreme

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