BF4: Gameplay video.

March 27, 2013

Waiting is finally over for those who were waiting this “redisgned” Battlefield.
Now you have almost 18 minutes lenght of gameplay. Showing how far they can go with their jaw-dropping.

Funny though and pathetic at the same time that most of the user didn’t recognize the song used on the gameplay video.
Hence in COD universe Eminem is the “King of the hill” here you have an Oldie that most kiddos don’t even recognize. (Only their parents).

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart – YouTube

Bonnie tyler = Total eclipse of the heart.

And for almost the minute long video you have Rihanna (With some tune that fits well with the ambience).


Showing raw power based on their own engine: Is that cool enough?.

I have to come clean from this one, i saw some stunning graphics but above all i have to admit that’s more of the same.
The whole idea or concept behind is to struck a nerve.

I saw those rendered faces almost close to be real, expressions, flawless movements but more of the same.

I can’t say anything about that Oldie song used to make some melodramatic atmosphere for those ones who got shocked easily.
Fits perfect in a situation that is FUBAR and i think the type of tune will live the rest of your life with you and your own demons.

Noticed some commands that you can give to your team (idk who is the one called Tombstone) but it’s pretty easy to play that way while you are on campaing or solo mode.
Hope this is some HINT that they will add to multiplayer stances.

Final toughts:

I was expecting something else but EA managed to pull this one out.
They can take my money for sure with this new game of theirs.
I know im paying for something that will worth to spent some friday instead of banging rihanna, spent that time for some fun only play.

I don’t see nothing that i was *HEY! THIS CAN’T BE TRUE* well it’s a game.
So i have to be honest again on this one.
If they expect BF4 to be on PS4 and Xbox 720 i can surely say that’s a joke for those consoles.
Or we are facing with a sour reality that a PS4 and Xbox 720 can perform like an high end PC at the end of the day.

This being said.
Love the game but i hate the lack of innovation but not all is said and one.
Until the product is finally released.



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