Big News From The Cobra Team: Cobra ODE Now Supports All PS3 Models

January 18, 2013

The ODE will now support and play ALL PS3 Games, even on PS2 and PS1 compatible consoles. It will require a Solderless Installation on FAT and SLIM consoles and has been guaranteed to work on the new Super Slim/Slide Models (4000 Series). The new Dongle supports OFW’s and Current CFW’s.

Another guarantee has been that you won’t need to buy another Dongle after this one, as all updates will be supported solely on this device alone, allowing future backups on multiman to be compatible with this dongle. The Dongle will rip and convert ISO’s into standard Multiman format (Folders and files) onto your Internal and External drives.

It seems that the way Team Cobra going, EBOOT’s might be a thing of the past, although, forking out money for DRM dongles are still a thing to sell to consumers who are willing to buy them.

Will anyone be taking advantage of this?


Tags: CFW, Dongle, drm dongle, eboot, hacks, iso rips, OFW, patches, PS3, team cobra

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