Black Friday is upon us, and Amazon have a bunch of cool deals for gamers today

November 29, 2013

It is the holiday shopping season in the US, and, although I do not live there, I follow closely some of the video game deals: many of them actually work even if you don’t live in the US.

Let me start with a disclaimer: the links below are affiliate links, it means I get a percentage of the sale if you purchase the item through my links, but you don’t pay anything more than if you went to the site “normally”. Independently of that, my recommendations and excitement for those sales are genuine :)

First of all, all of the Videgame related deals on Amazon for the days to come can be found on this one page. It is extremely convenient and if you want cheap games or accessories I suggest you get back to that page regularly.

So, what’s exciting there in upcoming deals?

Well, the one that I’m awaiting the most is a deal for Sony’s Playstation+ membership for $29.99 a year. And those will stack! You can get like 3 or 5 years directly… given that playstation plus membership will be required for online gaming on the PS4, and that it’s already a great deal at the current $50 price, I’m definitely going to get a few of them. Supposedly, the deal starts in a few hours, and Amazon will throw in an additional $5 credit to spend on their own PSN digital store, if I understand correctly.

If you are like me wondering whether to go with the US or EU PSN, this might be the day you chose. At such a price, Sony convinced me that the US store is where I want to buy my Digital content and be a “plus” member. If you live outside of the US and are interested in the PS+ deal, check my page on how to buy US PSN Codes on Amazon from outside of the US, it will work for the Digital PS+ codes too.

For those interested in “alternate” gaming, they will also have a deal on the Shield, NVidia’s own portable gaming system. Not sure what the deal will be, but probably a cool discount.

One that I am more and more interested in is the “Sentry Personal Gaming environment“. This is a case that includes a monitor and speakers, basically a way to transform your ps3 or xbox360 into a “portable” device. Apparently the case is extremely popular among the US military, as it lets them carry and play with their console pretty much everywhere. For me, it would be a way to play the PS3 in my bedroom when my wife or kid are watching the TV. I didn’t know that type of stuff existed, but I think it’s pretty cool. what do you guys think?

The deals also will include discounts on Battlefield 4, Injustice: Gods among us, Rayman Legends, The Walking Dead (the cool game based on the crappy drama), Tomb Raider, etc…. Again, check the whole list here.

People looking for headsets will also want to check the many deals on that same page, as at least 4 different gaming headsets will be discounted today.

I’m also expecting Amazon to magically have stock for the Xbox One and the PS4 on Black Friday, possibly starting in a few hours, but that’s just my gut feeling.

Finally, the Black Friday deals are not only going to be centered around Video games. Amazon have cool “electronics” deals as well, and I am personally itching to buy a new Monitor (what do you guys think? Do you have suggestion? Should not be bigger than 24”) to “replace” my current laptop’s ridiculous 15”.

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