Blade-Mod for Fck PSN now Available

October 18, 2012

Lo and behold, the scene has not let us forget the usefulness of Fck PSN. Sure all of these modded custom firmwares that come pre-loaded with PSN access certainly allowed many of us to delete the scene mainstay, for the most hardcore of developers there are still plenty of useful needs for it. Thanks to Blade’s new mod however, this program quickly becomes a lot more than just something that allows you to connect to the multiplayer modes of your favorite games. Instead, it becomes a simple but effective part of a program that has very much earned its place in the development tool chest.

The essential and most convenient part of this modification is that now all of the spoofing you do can be done on the fly without having to go through that huge lengthy process like you did before. All you need to do is install ca27 on your console and you’ll be good to go without having to install any other companion program. This of course would also be helpful to those that don’t want to have to go through the struggle of having to change your IDPS just to get onto the network on a development system. From the  hardcore coding standpoint, you can keep all of the settings they way you want them while still having the benefit of what the PSN can offer. Not a bad job Blade for your first Windows program!


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