Bluedisk opens homepage: For DRM lovers.

October 22, 2012

User @jjkkyu posted today that Bluedisk opened a website, still i have no time to look around what’s in there but is predictable.

To quote:

The Bluedisk has opened its homepage, interestingly they doesn’t sell dodge anymore, now they sell cdkey for the new cfw instead.


Bluedisk CFW is the latest CFW for PS3, it allow user enjoy all PS3 game and PSN freely. With the Bluedisk CFW, user can download and play original game directly , no need any modify.

Bluedisk CFW allow you play all games from inside HDD and external USB DISK.

With Bluedisk CFW, You can update to new OFW or CFW from USB DISK, and also can downgrade to CFW3.55 from USB DISK freely.

Bluedisk Team will add extra function on CFW like PS2/PSX games , cheating system supported etc.

Bluedisk Team will update CFW quickly if new OFW updated, it is free download for Bluedisk CFW user.

All software is free downloaded, user only need the software CDKEY to run it.

The Bluedisk CFW Upgrader require console based on FW3.55, any higher FW need downgraded to 3.55 first.

PS: If you install wrong CFW4.25 and console bricked, you can downgrade to CFW3.55checkoff directly with hardware tool .

[Source] = BluediskCFW



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