Boot Games Without Relaunching multiMAN By IcEmAn

December 28, 2012

German PlayStation 3 developer IcEmAn2012 has released PS3 Mount Package Install Disc with a tutorial that basically lets you mount games to your XMB and launch them without having to run multiMAN’s graphical user interface. This method does require multiMAN and lastGAME for setting up the shortcuts. Please note that this method does not work for all games, especially those that require BD Mirror. 


Here is the tutorial from the developer.

Create 4.xx XMB BOOT Packages:

  1. Install multiMAN and lastGAME pkg
  2. Mount game with multiMAN (no BD mirror)
  3. Game should be mountet in lastGAME app
  4. Copy content (dev_hdd0/game/BLES80610)
  5. Make a 3.55 mount pkg (xmbgameloader)
  6. Replace EBOOT.BIN and LASTPLAY.BIN (from BLES80610)
  7. Compile the new pkg (_makepkg_hdd.bat/pkg_npdrm.exe)
  8. Restart console and mount game with pkg
  9. Start game without multiMAN (you can delete lastGAME app)

4.21 XMB BOOT Packages: (Mount Package Install Disc will install in mount games folder under games category)

  1. Extract Mount Package Install Disc.rar in dev_usb/GAMEZ/ or /GAMES
  2. Mount Mount Package Install Disc with multiMAN (like a game)
  3. Insert Original Disc and install Mount Packages files
  4. Restart console
  5. Mount installed Mount Package file (in Mount Games)
  6. Run with disc !

Mount Packages are modded for REBUG XMB MOD v01.08.01 and shown after Install in Mount Games folder under Games category! Games must be in dev_usb000/GAMEZ/ and must have right names!


dev_usb000/GAMEZ/Call of Duty – Black Ops II-[BLES01717]/PS3_GAME/… etc. Install Mount Package files, insert a original game, mount it and run the disc! May have problems with memory stalls occur, maybe game data have to reinstall, not working for all games!

Download: Mount Package Install Disc

Source: iceman-modz via psx-scene

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