BwE Downgrade Automator is Downgrading Made Easy

December 3, 2012

Even for the most experienced of PS3 hackers, there’s always a small amount of technical risk involved when you flash your console. After all, the flash is what’s responsible for holding your entire system firmware, so if even one small stipulation errors out in the process you could be looking at a bricked console. Obviously the operation can simply be redone in the event that something as horrible as that might happen, but how good is it for the hardware to continue to be flashed that often because of mistakes?

If BwE had their way, they want to make sure such follies never happen with their new GUI called Downgrade Automator. Essentially what this simple interface does is make the entire downgrading process at least somewhat noob by walking you through all the steps necessary starting with entering FSM.SELF and ending with the final recovery boot of your favorite CFW. However, maybe more important than the steps is that throughout the entire procedure there are several md5 checks and other fail-safes to make sure that everything is done completely correct. Even veterans can find something to appreciate as well given that all of the .PUP and .self renaming concerned with downgrading is now done on an automatic basis. Less work is always a good think for any skill level.

To use this, just install it on your downgrade USB and boot it with Windows. Hopefully this might make some of  you newcomers slightly more confident about buying your own flasher. As usual, strict prior preparation should always be done, but you can start by looking at the guide here.


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