Call of Duty: Ghost hackers explain their motives

November 7, 2013

Micheal j meme looks at video of CoD Ghosts VS hackersThe cat is out of the bag or should I should I say somebody let the dogs out. Ahem most gamers, either fans or haters, know that Call of Duty: Ghosts is the latest installment of the ongoing money train that is the Call of duty franchise.

The eagerly anticipated game was just released current gen (PlayStation 3 & Xbox360), and will also be available on next-gen consoles. November 5th marks the day that CoD: Ghosts can officially be bought in stores, and I assume many a fan already have their copy.

It now seems developer Infinity Ward has a problem on its hands because supposedly the games has already been hacked and played online on PlayStation 3’s, before it even was released.

I remember back when CoD: Modern Warfare 2 got hacked on PS3 and the game became virtually unplayable for me. Not that the game wasn’t already full of cheaters, remember how players used to abuse the tactical insertion to get quick kills. The fact what bothered me most was the lack of fixes provided by Sony and Infinity Ward. I am not sure who I should point a finger at but for I as a consumer felt left out in the cold. I paid good money for my copy and couldn’t enjoy the game anymore.

Anyhow, YouTube was so kind to provide us with a clash between party A) who I assume is a self-righteous reviewer in possession of a (legit early) copy of the game and party B) a cocky group of hackers.

Captain self-righteous feels the need to “name drop” higher ups in the chain of command at Infinity ward and the Hacker Crew responds by threatening to destroy his router. In-between what at some point became a pissing contest the hackers manage to explain how they hacked an at that point unreleased game and played it online on their PlayStation 3’s.

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