Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gets Social

May 1, 2013

@CallofDuty_ANZ on Twitter has tweeted out a link to what has been briefly described as “the next generation of Call Of Duty”. 

Call Of Duty Ghosts Tweet

On further inspection of the link which you can visit here, the website is simply a collage of various members of Facebook and Twitter (presumably interested in CoD and have signed up to the small project) arranged in such a way to display the writing “The Ghosts Are Real”.

CoD Ghosts Collage

If you want to see if your picture has been used in the collection, you can click “Find Me” and link your Facebook or Twitter to the page.  After some time you will find out whether you are on there or not.  I’d say pictures have been taken from CoD’s Facebook and Twitter followers, so if you haven’t liked or followed them on either of those pages I would respectfully say not to bother trying.

Are you at all interested in Ghosts and the possibility of a new Call Of Duty engine?  Tell us your secrets in the comments below!

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Chris Holmes – HolmesInFive

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