Call Of Duty Isn’t Dead – "Ghosts" Accidently Leaked

April 25, 2013

“Call Of Duty: Ghosts” is the name of the game in question, leaked by Tesco after accidentally publishing the game cover for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.  Nothing has been leaked or said about a PS4 or an Xbox 720 version, and with next gen consoles being “additions to the family” instead of successors to our trusty PS3’s and 360’s, I can’t see there being a next gen version of this release.

MW2 Spoiler alert this paragraph:  The game cover is viewable below, and shows Modern Warfare’s favourite character Ghost pulling down his mask.  With there being a previously deceased character on the cover I think I’m safe in assuming this is a prequel to Modern Warfare, following the story of Ghost before the events in Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Ghosts

Personally this is something that’s made me excited for the next CoD, regardless of whether it is a “Modern Warfare 1.5” or anything like that.  If the next addition to the CoD library is an entire story following Ghost, I’m ok with buying it.

What’s your opinions on the leak?  Will CoD: Ghosts be a day one purchase for you, or are you over the game being reused every year?  The comments section and us at DashHacks want to hear what you think!

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