Calling all PSP/ePSP developers: The community needs you!

December 28, 2012

As it turns out, the PSP scene isn’t exactly dead, the PSP scene has just moved on to the Vita, as we get more exploits (VHBL,eCFW) for the Vita, we need more homebrew developers, the Vita’s PSP emulator itself has a lot of potential (even at the lowest clock speed, the emulator is faster than the max 333 MHz of the PSP), to help beginners to develop homebrew with the PSPSDK, a wiki has been setup which can be accessed here, we need the help of all developers to construct a good and more usable documentation for the PSPSDK.

Everyone who has some knowledge in programming for the PSP is requested to help out.

The wiki is aimed at providing documentation of things like what different functions do, how to call them, the exceptions that they can throw, in plain English so that everyone can understand them easily.

We also plan to provide code snippets to make tasks simpler, tutorials etc.

I ask everyone who can help to help out, this is for the good of the community and because we might not really be seeing a native PSVita exploit any time soon, this is the only way, at the moment, we are content with old PSP homebrew but we will need more, so please, everyone who can help, please help out.

Please contact me (hgoel0974) or NNNRT on the /talk forums for any questions.

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