Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG Emulator

April 10, 2012

To keep with the theme of new emulators coming out today we would like to take you back to a time long ago, before Playstation, Xbox and even Nintendo. It was a simpler time and some would argue a better time when ZZ Top and Van Halen where at the top of their game and the home computer know as Amstrad was just coming out.

Now back here in the present day the developer Rtype is releasing his Amstrad emulator in an attempt to recapture those days of 8bit glory.  Going by the name of “Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG” its capable of emulating the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models on your CFW enabled PS3 and is sure to have some of our older readers having some nostalgic flashbacks. Have a read below for a quote from Rtype and remember to read the ReadMe.txt in the download.

Originally, I was thinking about to not release to all until I update to the Caprice 4.2.0 version, but since I’ve no time left to solve some vdu bug in 4.2.0, I decide to release the dbg version based on the 4.1 version.

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