Captain CPS-X Mods RetroArch v0.9.8

January 30, 2013

First, when we’re talking about RetroArch, the biggest thing to discuss is the incredible number of cores within this single package. Pretty much any system you want to play can be found within this single program. This in a sense makes RetroArch the defualt emulator for several different homebrew scenes even beyond what we see on PS3. This mod by Captain CPS-X adds even more to the mix through the ability to load games using the SNES9X-NEXT and FB ALPHA cores. This will allow you a new way to experience your favorite Super Nintendo classics and play some old arcade games on top of that as well.

For those more into the interface aspect of things, this build also includes a new way to load ROMs as well. Instead of heading into RetroArch, you can also load games straight from the multiMAN menu from the Retro category. This should work on all versions of CFW too which means everybody will have one less menu to wade through. To make this work, you will need to install RetroArch 0.9.8 prior to this installation.

Source / RetroArch 0.9.8 / RetroArch 0.9.8 CaptainCPS-X

Tags: Emulator, homebrew, multiMAN, PS3 Hacks, retroarch, SNES9X

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