CaptainCPS-X Releases GamePKG v1.01A

January 10, 2013

CaptainCPS-X who has been working on his own Package File Installer for PS3 consoles running custom firmwares, has released an updated version to his tool. With the new update, CaptainCPS-X has rewrote the directory scanning code which now takes into account for case sensitive files and folders as well as adds new directories that are searched. With its initial release, the GamePKG tool did not reboot the PS3 after queuing files for installation. Here’s the changelog for version 1.01A:

Note: You can have all those directories at same time, with different PKG files, and they will be properly scanned, not even multiMAN have this implemented alt, LOL.

You can download the latest version of GamePKG below.


Download: GamePKG v1.01A

Source: PS3Hax

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