CEF on Vita 2.02: What to expect from Frostegater’s release

December 29, 2012

We know lots of you have been waiting extremely patiently for Frostegater’s port of Total_Noob’s CEF, a PSP Custom Firmware running within the playstation Vita’s latest Firmware 2.02. Believe it or not, I did not get to test Frostegater’s work until today.

I have a video ready, But Total_Noob’s TN Menu makes it difficult to post a video that would not reveal the name of the game, so here are simply a few screenshots.

Those of you who have already run VHBL, or Total_Noob’s CEF on a previous firmware (or a CFW on your psp) will probably not be surprised: Full homebrew and iso support.

Installation of the CEF is a bliss (it just consists in copying a PSP Savedata using Open CMA), but the installation of homebrews and Isos is a bit more complicated. Again, those of you who have used CEF or VHBL in the past won’t be surprised, Sony has made it extremely difficult for their customers to copy anything on the Vita, basically. What bothers me a bit is that TN Menu insists that you copy all your stuff in the same savedata as the exploited game, which to me makes you run the risk of messing up with the exploit, but hey, I see where this choice is coming from, and for those who don’t like it, Alternate menus with different functionality are available.

Oh noes, you saw my MAC Address, please don't hack my Vita!

Oh noes, you saw my MAC Address, please don’t hack my Vita!


The rest is no surprise, as promised, Frostegater’s port of Total_Noob’s work will run homebrews (Wagic running as an example) and isos (a copy of my own Burnout Legends UMD as an example) on Vita’s firmware 2.02frostegater-CEF-Vita-202-3

frostegater-CEF-Vita-202-4Yes, you’ve been waiting a lot, and I know some of you won’t like to be teased again like this, but remember that one of the goals of the ninja release is to spread the word without telling too much…

Stay tuned.

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