CEX To DEX: FACTS and Q&A for the ones who don’t get it.

July 9, 2012

Since this news was posted in here cause quite a disturb and crossed opinions, among other things.
So let’s clarify THIS once for all.
You can go and ask yourself why this was released, or why this was released late? when was *hidden* from the public under 4 locks.
You can ask yourself ANYTHING you want. But STOP with constant erratic arguments about this.

@Pockets69 done some Q&A for the ones who want to know: (pockets said)

One thing we have to agree, the timing for the leak is not good, not at all, this would be better suited after the E3 release, like this it gives them leverage to think, seeing their plans were potentially messed.

The truth is that this might ruin converts, and not allow to update past 4.21, but seeing that some of the people that developed this method already have an idea of what to do next, i wouldn’t worry to much, also seeing how sony is caring to patch their *things* lately i don’t see them doing anything.

Can we play homebrew with this on every firmware?:
Yes as long as the hombrew is fake signed, use the tools from the SDK to do it.

Can we play game (backups) with this?
Yes, you can play all 3.55 backups and prior.

Can we play 3.60+ game (backups) with this?
Yes IF you are to decrypt 3.60+ selfs, so NO, only if you get your hands on the decrypted eboots (thats how tb works).

Can we play 3.60+ (originals)?
YES, just update and play.

Can we get into debugger mode, and use the debug options?

Can you connect to psn (or any other network prod-q etc)?

Can you downgrade without a flasher?
Yes to the limit of the factory firmware.

Now, again (me hellsing9) ask for the one who SEEKS knowledge go to = ps3devwiki
The ones who want quick answers have this frontpaged Q&A. And the ones who want’s to connect the POINTS (like i always do, even if fail) feel free to do it.



有志者,事竟成 Where a will, there is way
一不做二不休 You start something, you have to finish it

What this means? according to google translate:

There is nothing permanent, Where a will, there is way.
Lamb or Halves. You start something, you have to finish it

Re-Read this (Just in case you missed it) and head to ps3devwiki. Yeah it’s days old..don’t get the same ol’ story started.

The NP communication passphrase and signature will be provided
within the Server Management Tools.

NP communication ID, passphrase, and signature, required for certain PSN
communication services, had been provided on the DevNet thread upon the
completion of the requested Playstation®Network service configurations.
From 2012/07/05 the NP Communication Passphrase and Signature will be provided
within the Server Management Tools.

This change affects all the communication IDs issued after 2012/07/05. It will
not be possible to access the NP communication passphrase or signature in the
support issued after that date.

Only those users who have initially requested the NP communication services and
was provided the files on DevNet thread will have access to the file on the
request threads.

Note that the NP communication passphrase and signature are required with NP
Matching 2 and Title Small Storage.

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