CFW 4.21 EBOOT Resigner Script For SCETool Released

October 23, 2012

Chinese developer Rain Fish has released a 4.21 EBOOT signer, a script to be used with the SCETool. With this script you are able to resign EBOOT’s and run homebrew apps from CFW 3.55 on the newly released CFW 4.21.


 This quote is translated via Google.

How To:

  • Extract the 4.21 EBOOT
  • Put EBOOT.BIN into the extracted folder.
  • Run resigner.bat to resign EBOOT, you may need to choose encrypt type.
  • If you chose NPDRM type, you need to enter Content-ID.
  • The original EBOOT.BIN will be renamed to EBOOT.BIN.BAK.

This script is TESTED. Credit to badzbb on the the BD4.21 CFW, and it should work on Rogero 4.21. Some games also contain decrypted self or SPRX file, you need to Resign them MANUALLY.

I have read some reports that this indeed works. So if you have taken the plunge and installed Rogero’s CFW4.21, give it a try and report back to the scene regarding your findings.

Download: CFW4.21 EBOOT

Source: bbs.a9vg

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