CFW 4.21/4.25 Causing Bricks – Be Cautious

October 24, 2012

After a Tweet by KaKaRoTo warning that these two custom firmware versions are bricking many PS3’s, I did some digging around. PSX-Scene member and moderator BahumatLord also confirms this report by adding an article to the site warning others.

Very little is known as to what is causing certain machines to brick but you need to take caution when flashing any new custom firmware. It is advised that you have a backup of your NAND/NOR and have a flasher in hand or you could end up with a rather over sized paperweight.


Here is a quote from BahumatLord:

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating that number but I can speak from
personal experience. My CECH-2001A PS3 is among the unlucky bricks after
installing one of the new CFW’s by BlueDisk or Rogero. It seems that it
does not matter what model you have. Right now it’s a crap shoot on
whether or not you will be among the unlucky paper weight owners.

I’ve been seeing countless reports of bricks using these new firmwares.
Rogero has stated that he is working on an updated version that is safer
but nothing is 100% foolproof so take this warning to heart.

A quote from renowned PS3 developer KaKaRoTo:

Feel the need to share this info: From the reports I’m seeing, the
rogero and bluedisk cfw are bricking everyone’s consoles.. DO NOT

With that said, I for one will not be trying any new firmware until it has been tested thoroughly.

Source: psx-scene & @KaKaRoToKS

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