CFW 4.40.5 CDEX By Team SGK Released!

April 23, 2013

A new challenger appears! French Scene Developers, TeamSGK have stepped up to the occasion and have released their own update to their CFW 4.40, to v4.40.5. This update provides multiple changes to the previous version including, coldboot replacement (including audio and video) ReActPSN, and more. While this may not be the popular choice, we here at DashHacks warn users to use at their own risk. Check out the full translated changelog provided below, please note that is has been roughly translated by google from French to English:



1: replacement coldboot audio and video
2: Replacement lines.qrc
3: news icon by Hackxell
4 ameloiration the toolbox Rebug for normal mode, CDEX and DEX
5: Adding style toolbox psidpatcher 4.40 rogero
6: NORMAL MODE 4.40/accé psn and compatible Reactpsn
7: CDEX fashion 4.40/ajout option dex style fake save data owner and compatible psn and Reactpsn
8 DEX 4.30/ajout MODE FUNCTION TOOL DEX miralatijéra and spoof 4.40 PSN compliant and Reactpsn
9 Corection launch minis that launched a black ecrand on 4.40.4
10: replacement minis colbboot


Debug menu:

To set the debug menu in NORMAL mode setting on the xmb parameter has been made ​​and then networks (L1 L2 L3 R1 R2 DOWN TO BELIEVE DIRECTIONAL)



0: installable on all cfw 3.55 4.21 4.30 4.31 and 4.40
1: Still have the qa flag enabled and system update debug ON
2: Copy the pup in your usb key in PS3/UPDATE
3: from xmb (cfw4.40 cfw4.31-cfw4.30-cfw421-cfw3.55)
4: a system update
5: update from supor storage

4.40.5 AND THE ALWAYS SO checkoff can used with E3 flasher downgrade or ProgSkeet


Developer SGK has removed the download link of this custom firmware due to reports of PS3’s bricking. He has investigated and found a solution for those who encountered the semi brick by swapping out the internal HDD. As of now the semi brick seems to be related to the PS3’s HDD. We will inform you once the issue has been fixed, however take this as lesson and heed the warnings we give you regarding new custom firmware releases. Especially when the CFW is made by foreign developers and while Google Translate is misleading.

Here is yet another poorly translated quote via the source explaining the fix for the semi brick.

“Tomorow unbrick tutorial for blue screen and video. Sorry PUP RETIRED NOW REMOVE PUP FOR NOW

Unbrick mini tutorial

1: replace hdd hdd share a preference that I did amais was ready inserted in the ps3
2: turn on the ps3 to lese it must be put out
3 on the rest apuyé on power up to the ps3 turns off
4: another liver is still apuyé on power up to face the ps3 1 beep then 2 beeps on the loose power
5: Connect the controller as you request and choose option number 6
6 installed pup from 4.25 to 3.55 rogero voilla more blue ecrant … 5to355.PUP
7 and now is back in recovery mode it installs the pup 3.55 ofw … 3UPDAT.PUP
8 voila you and you may become ofw 3.55 etter me cfw 4.40.4″

Download / Source vid PSX-Scene

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