CFW ARCH CEX 4.30 rev 2.00 + Multiman Stealth Version

November 27, 2012

French modder has released his own version of CFW for PS3, and a “stealth” version of multiman. Keep in mind these “stealth” don’t actually prevent you from showing online, and acts as just a mask…so use at your own risk.

To quote:

Revision 2.00 CFW Update to 4.30 released with CEX ARCH fixes and additions detailed below and a version of Multiman v04.13.00 Stealth. As a reminder, a version of Multiman Stealth allows you to play backups of your games when connecting to PSN but you will appear as a spirit extends to play the game demo version of JAP-NPJA90067 instead that you see on Multiman. A big thanks to Deank manager for Great About!

NOTE => For the moment it is too dangerous to release a 4.31 CFW because too unstable (a Core_os re-compiled on different CFW / OFW does not mix well with our ps3 as we have seen recently). I prefer the stability brickage massive!

Installation directory Multiman Stealth => dev_hdd0 / game / NPJA90067.

ARCH CFW 4.30 rev 2.00 (CEX ps3 only)

 – Add: compatible PS3 BD player off (must be used in Multiman latest version available for your backups run games)

– Add: Rebug Package Manager

– Add: Patched disable Cinanvia

– Fixed Core_OS (more stability)

– Optional: Change coldboot (all public)

– Optional: Police original writing

Known bugs: problem classification in game menu and XMB displaying the home ps3 demo mode (correction to come)

Multiman Stealth Version:

– Added a wave.divx

– Theme modified original

– Stealth Version => game demo version of JAP NPJA90067

[Download Stealth MM]
[Download CFW Arch]

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